• Lessons Learned from Long Distance Training

    Ever since my dad taught me distance running when I was a kid - the right way to breath, how to land properly on the ball of by feet, proper running posture - I’ve run on and off. Once in a while I’d decide to pick it up again, come up with a plan, and then quit a few weeks later. My failure to keep running wasn’t because of a lack of motivation, or even necessarily a lack of proper planning. I needed to learn some things about ambition, habit, and self-acceptance before I could properly stick to a running schedule.

    In December of 2018, I made my self a plan, and started running. Today, about seven months later, I’m still going.

  • Brand New Website

    If you’ve ever hosted a Wordpress site that you don’t use too often, you’re probably familiar with the nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you really should be doing something about your website. Whether it’s updating Wordpress, or updating plugins, or checking for unmoderating comments, there’s always something to do. And unless you’re a regular or frequent blogger, you probably get busy doing other things, and just let that nagging feeling continue to eat at you.


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