Over the past few years, I have mostly been focusing on my career, and haven’t been working on a lot of large-scale projects outside of work. When I have more projects to list, you’ll find them here. In the meantime, here are some projects I have worked on in the past.

Music Theatre Montreal

Music Theatre Montreal is a semi-professional theatre company, which produces professional quality theatrical performances, with people who don’t make a living through theatre… yet. It’s a volunteer based, non profit organization whose volunteers take pride in their work. I’m proud to say that I’ve been working with MTM, in one way or another, since the very beginning. As Technical Director for their first show, Into The Woods, I saw the company grow, and produce a wonderful show that got rave reviews. Since then, I’ve taken on the position of Chief Financial Officer, and have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning system (OpenERP) to keep track of the company’s financial information. I continue to contribute on the creative team as well. This fall, I am working as the Technical Director for MTM’s latest show, The Birthday Party.

Virtual Textile Project

The Virtual Textile Project is a collaboration between several people at McGill University and Dragon & Phoenix Software. It is a database of high quality images and metadata gathered from historical textiles from collections including the American Textile History Museum, Rierson University, the Textile Museum of Canada, the McCord Museum of Canadian History, and others. The project will eventually hold thousands of textile samples, which will be available online for free. It has applications in film (textures for 3D characters in film,) humanities research, and video game design, just to name a few. My role has been to help with web development on the project, and to research effective means of organizing and navigating textile samples.