Server as Furniture

A day or two ago, an idea hit me. I have a computer on my desk (an old laptop with a dead screen, which I have bolted to a monitor to create a Franken-iMac), which acts as my backup, web, and ssh server. The trouble with having a desktop always on in my room is that it’s loud, and generates quite a bit of heat, but I can’t turn it off, because that defeats the purpose of having a server. I wanted to get my server out of my room. I also have a Raspberry Pi which I have been patiently waiting to assign to a suitable task.

The idea that hit me last night was to put the Raspberry Pi, along with my external hard drive, into an empty drawer in the end table next to my couch. That way it would have access to my modem via Ethernet, and I could migrate all my servers onto it. It would be quiet, generate hardly any heat, and – most importantly – be out of my room.

So I imaged an SD card, hooked up the Raspberry Pi, and had it all set up in around 15 minutes. Everything works as it did before, but now all my servers are on the Pi. And it looks pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

Server Cabinet

The Raspberry Pi's new home.

The Raspberry Pi’s new home.

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